Buy car

Every day in USA are sold and bought thousands of cars. To date selection of cars on car markets is staggering. Car markets you can find cars, imported from different countries, offers can satisfy any wishes of buyers. The most popular Japanese, American and German cars. Some auto giants began producing cars in Russia, reducing their cost, but the lion’s share of exports from countries near and far abroad. As Henry Ford said, “the best car – new car” and he was right. When purchasing a new car in the cabin, the buyer usually does not face problems such as checking the car to the service station for theft, accidents and so on .. So it will be about buying a used car. Used car is a cat in a bag, you never know what happened to him and how he was treated the previous owners. But the future costs of the car supported largely depend on factors such as whether the vehicle while being serviced, which were filled with oil and how often changed, observed whether the interval to replace consumables. In what kind of environment to maintain the car and how it operated. When choosing a second-hand car should pay attention to the following points: The mileage is very important. Since all components and assemblies of a vehicle designed for a specific run, after which they must be either restored or replaced. Of course, the lower run, the better. But most of all, dishonest sellers unwound running into hundreds of thousands of kilometers, so the mileage is better defined not by the odometer, and the appearance of interior and body. If the odometer mileage of less than 50 thousand. Miles, but the steering wheel and pedals are pretty shabby, most likely, this run Unwind. There is also a variety of other options, which can determine the actual mileage. For example, the depreciation of the brake discs can determine the approximate mileage of the car. If the mileage of the car less than 30 thousand. Miles, and the tires on a car is not a native or “bald”, it also shows the wind off the run. Mileage can also be determined by the belt, as the running. The greater the mileage, the more difficult to determine how much it is real. See the difference between a car with a mileage of 400 thousand. Km and 500 thousand. Km, is much harder than the difference between the first two hundred thousand. The vehicle has its main item. If the remaining nodes can be replaced, the body is not always appropriate to change. The first step is to check the geometry of the body. If you have a serious accident and at the same time the body is deformed, such a car can bring many surprises to its owner. One of these surprises is the fact that it is impossible to correctly set the similarity camber as broken geometry, while the owner will have to shell out more on the rubber. The same attention should be paid to the gaps between the doors, hood, trunk. If any gaps that are too small or too large, it means that the vehicle involved in an accident, while the repair is made is not quite good. Lacquer coating protects the body against corrosion if the LCP has scratches or other defects, have to repaint the entire piece, and possibly nearby, that would go in the same tone paint. The same should pay attention to the thickness of the LCP. Specialists have special instruments that can accurately determine the thickness of the LCP. If the coating thickness exceeds the thickness of the coating factory, so the car repainted. Not native paint may eventually start to climb round (often with such a situation faced by the owners of car washes that employ high pressure). So with the help of the device can determine the places where plaster is applied in these places was deformed metal. Another thing that can tell if the car was painted – slide your finger from the end of the hood (by the windshield) if the hood was not beautiful, you will feel a smooth surface. If the surface is rough, it means that the hood has been repainted. Second engine, after the body, the main part of the car, depending on its condition as fuel and oil consumption. If the car has high mileage, oil changed regularly, or not used poor-quality oil is likely in the near future will have to do engine overhaul. The procedure is not cheap. Check the oil level and condition. Just the smell can determine the condition of the oil. PPC is another item that is subject to wear. Gearboxes are divided into 3 types – manual, automatic, CVT. The latter type has established himself as not the most reliable, automatic transmissions in recent years began to be highly secure. Apparently car manufacturers finally learned how to make them reliable. But still in first place on the reliability of steel gear boxes. When choosing a car with an automatic transmission should ride on car, smooth acceleration. Switch should be smooth without jerks. With that, it is desirable to test the automatic transmission while the car is not yet warmed up, as well as after the car drove a few tens of kilometers. Check the condition of the oil transmission, it should have a reddish color, and should not have a smell of burning. Here are some useful tips to help you get a good car.