How much is a report how quickly will I receive it?

Cost of the report depends on the method of payment and the type of report. The average cost of the report is $ 8.99, the report shall be issued immediately after the payment.

Should you buy the report?

The report may contain information about the past of the car. The report may contain information about accidents, floods and other damage. As in the real when you can tell as there is a problem, and their absence. Everyone decides for himself whether to let him know about the past of the car.

I have not received the report, what to do?

Immediately after payment, you can check their email, we will send him a link to the report. If for some reason it does not reach a letter or report does not open, be sure to drop us a , we can help.

What are the guarantees that I will get the report and it will be true?

We guarantee a refund if the report is not received or the information which it contains untrue. The report contains data only for the period during which the vehicle has been in the United States or Canada.